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What Your Residence Hall Says About You

It says more than you think!


You’re entering school looking for the full college experience, crappy room, sketchy food, and an unusually high amount of floors for a building that looks like it may collapse at any moment.


All of the other halls were full, so this will do,


You probably had an offer to play a sport at some D2 school in the middle of nowhere, but you chose a different route. You’re looking to become the next UNT intramural Hall of Famer. Enjoy your late nights of partying and incredibly chill RA’s.


We get it, you’re really talented, now please stop practicing your instrument at 4:25 in the morning and go the fuck to sleep. Have fun with your roaches and ghosts. On the plus side, you don’t have a far walk to class.


Do you like things that rhyme!? Then welcome home! Best hall, Bullet proof vest hall, A tribe Called Quest hall. Whatever you want to call it, West easily has the most happening social life.


Chances are, your parents pay for your housing. So why not live the life of luxury. No one snores in your ear, you can have random hook ups all you want, and most importantly, you’re right next door to the best taco stand in Denton.

College Inn

Clearly you have no intention to socialize with others or go to class. So...yeah.


You want your hall to feel like a family. A very smart, very odd family. Be prepared for late nights of group studying and some wild assassin games!


You either are a football player, want to be a football player, or want to date a football player. Go Mean green am I right?

Special thanks to North Texas Pigeon correspondent Robert McMann