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The 10 Students You See at UNT

This is painfully accurate...

1) The Hipster Lord knows we have plenty…

2) The TAMS Student How are you 15 with a higher GPA than me?

3) The Way Too Overly Involved Student “I’m in SGA, Greek Life, Student Housing, Intramurals, NT40…”

4) The Engineering Major Every once and a while, they creep away from Discovery Park

5) The Overly Excited Sports Fan I love UNT as much as the next guy, unless it’s this next guy

6) The Randos A double take just doesn’t cut it at UNT sometimes

7) Band Kids The Green Brigade is the 3rd scariest cult in America

8) The Try Hard Frat Star If I can see your balls, your shorts are too short

9) The “Curve” Buster Don't you just hate the person that makes a 99 on every test?

10) The Transfer Student It's not okay to wear another schools shirt, especially if you went there for only half a semester

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