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The 10 People Not To Date At UNT

The Pigeon uncovers the "red flags" of dating.

1) Anyone who recommends going to the Forum hot tub Hey! I know a fun place to go…

2) That person who's not down for dollar doubles on Fry. It’s okay honey, I’d rather you buy me that one shot that costs $13. Thanks for the offer though!

3) Anyone who isn’t in love with Old West Café Old West? That place is gross!

4) The person who’s favorite bar is “Club Heat.” Hey! I know this awesome place off of Eagle Drive. Wanna go?

5) The girl who is a “sweetheart” for every single fraternity Yeah, I'm sure every one thinks you're super "interesting..."

6) That guy who practically lives on Fry Street "Woooo! Fry Street!" "Dude, it's Tuesday..."

7) Do not date anyone you’ve seen on "Arrests By Denton PD" Hey babe, isn't this your picture?

8) Anyone that lives farther than Loop 288 Where do you live again? Nah, I’m good actually

9) Any weird people from TWU You've met at least one...

10) Anyone that uses the phrase, “who uses condoms anyways?” Haha, you’re pregnant