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Places That Make Denton Great

You gotta love the city you're in!

1) Apogee Stadium Who says UNT isn’t a football school? Nothing beats a Mean Green home game on Saturdays in Denton, Texas.

2) Fry Street Chances are, Fry Street is home to the favorite memories you want to forget.

3) Goat Man’s Bridge Local legend tells of the evil Goat Man who haunts the Old Alton Bridge. Local legend also tells of me crapping my pants in fear.

4) Ray Roberts Greenbelt Trails Hiking, fishing, jogging and horseback riding. We’ve got it!

5) Old West Café Some places are just legendary.

6) Eureka Park You’re never too old for this one!

7) TWU Golf Course It’s not Augusta, but damn it it’s a golf course!

8) Denton Water Works Park Wait, we have a water park?!

9) Coffee Shops Denton’s got plenty, and everyone has their place to call home

10) The Square It’s our pride and joy. The Square has something for everyone, and it’s everyone’s favorite.

If you have any places to add to the list, please let us know!