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Low Weight, High Repetitions: The Benefits of Double Fisting

A guide to working out your liver

Last night on Fry Street I was drinking a double whiskey and sprite when a brilliant idea popped in my head: “Why the fuck am I only using one hand? God obviously gave us two for a reason, and I intend to use them for all they’re worth.”

That’s exactly why I made the pledge to only chug my alcohol at break neck speeds. It’s low weight, high repetition, and straight out of the Johnny Manziel “party playbook”.

List of Double Fisting Benefits:

1) Double the beer, double the fun! 2) Girls like a guy who’s well equipped. 3) You’re always prepared for “last call.” 4) Gives your liver that nice “lean” look.

Every president has a VP, and every superhero has a sidekick. Shit, even Rocky had Bullwinkle. So why would your cold beer not have a best buddy too?

So cheers my friends, we no longer shake hands.