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Free UNT Condoms Prove Defective

Cheap plastic from Taiwan to blame.

If you think tuition is expensive, you should try child support. UNT has issued a statement to all students warning of several faulty condoms given out today on campus.

What started as a jester of good faith has become an absolute nightmare, as the faulty Taiwan latex used to manufacturer the condom has proved unreliable.

"Well this sucks, I hope the new Union has a day care," said one victim.

Students receive the news about defective rubbers

The cheaper condoms were purchased to help alleviate some of the $23 million in debt that UNT owes the state of Texas.

"We thought we could save a few bucks. I mean, the condoms were only a few months expired!" said one administrator.

Students are advised to immediately take out high interest loans from UNT Financial Aid to cover child support bills. It appears to be the only sensible thing to do at this time.