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Bureaucratic Circle Jerk Club Changes Name to NT40

Officials: “We don’t really expect it to catch on, either”

One of the oldest and most venerated organizations on campus, the Bureaucratic Circle Jerk Club, announced early Thursday morning that it would be changing its name to NT40.

“Forty-one years ago,” said the NT40 president Ted Schacht, “Forty prominent students founded The Bureaucratic Circle Jerk Club on the four noblest of principles: philanthropy, pride, tradition, and phony corporatist bullshit.”

“And through this name change, we hope to expand upon and reaffirm our dedication to those principles,” Schacht added. “But also we just really needed a name that didn’t look terrible on resumes.”

When they aren’t too busy tying their entire sense of self-worth to their respective levels of success, members of the Bureaucratic Circle Jerk Club are known for their high levels of involvement in both student and off-campus organizations, organizing some leadership retreat thing that no one else cares about, and getting better seats than everyone else at football games.

When asked how he expected the name change would affect future recruitment, the Vice President of NT40, Donald Gately, said that while, yes, “NT40” lacks the same kind of charm and prestige that’s currently associated with “The Bureaucratic Circle Jerk Club,” he strongly believes that the new moniker will, in no time, become just as synonymous with “cutthroat professionalist douchebag in training” as the old one was.