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Brian Williams Dumps NBC, Joins North Texas Pigeon as Head Writer

NBC CEO: “One news department's trash is another’s treasure, I guess.”

The North Texas Pigeon announced Thursday that Brian Williams will be walking out on his position as “Nightly News” anchor and managing editor in order to serve as head writer for The North Texas Pigeon.

“We could not be happier with Brian’s decision to join us,” said Editor-in-Chief Matt Mobley. “From the moment I first met him, I knew that if there was one place where this self-aggrandizing bullshit artist would fit in, it would be here at the North Texas Pigeon.”

This comes just two days after NBC announced its decision to suspend Mr. Williams for six months without pay for hilariously misleading the public about his experiences covering the Iraq War.

“If I’m being totally honest,” said Tom Swoops, founding editor of the North Texas Pigeon. “we’ll probably make him scrub the toilets and pick up coffee and what not for the first few weeks. I mean, we’ve gotta break this little lying weasel’s will somehow, right?”

“Plus, it’s not like he’s got many other options,” Swoops later added.

In the coming months, readers are advised to expect even more stories involving exaggeration, misrememberances, and just downright bullshit.