North Texas Pigeon Denton’s most libel news source

8 Reasons to Replace NT Daily with North Texas Pigeon

There’s a new official news source at UNT!

1) When’s the last time you read the daily? Do they still print that shit?

2) We could move their budget to printing services. $10…wtf is that gonna do?

3) They steal candy from babies Down right heartless

4) The Daily supports a “dry” Denton County Sobriety is the greatest crime

5) They also SUPPORT fracking Fracking’s for assholes.

6) They havve moar spellinh mistakees thin we do! Like, read a book or something…

7) The Pigeon represents the values of our students We write because we care

8) Cause “Fuck ‘em” that’s why! Amen to that