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11 Things Every UNT Student Is Looking Forward To

Fall 2014 Is Going To Be Awesome

1) Upsetting Texas On August 30th Go Mean Green

2) Turning Up For Sunday Funday It’s syllabus week, you know what that means!

3) Finally Living Outside Of The Dorms Wait, there’s a life outside of Kerr?

4) Hitting The New Bars On Fry Street It’s like Christmas in July! And in August, September, October…

5) Hearing Steve Wozniak Speak Wait, I thought the guy from Apple was dead?

6) Finally Making The Dean’s List Hahahaha, just kidding.

7) Less Construction Around Campus Who am I kidding? It’s UNT…

8) Finally Having Liquor Stores In Denton Smuggling 20 bottles out of Buckeye’s at a time was getting old.

9) Not Getting Any Parking Tickets It’s impossible.

10) Random UNT Shennanigans What is with this school?

11) Having Another Bad Ass Year In College Gotta love UNT