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11 Reasons Fry Street is the Best College Bar Scene in Texas

Nothing beats the "real home" of the Mean Green.

1) Dollar Doubles Are God’s Gift To UNT Seriously, that shit is like $10 in Uptown.

2) Where Else Can You Do An Entire Bar Crawl In Between Classes? My record is 2 minutes, on a broken ankle.

3) Because at Other Schools, Students Have to Take Buses Just to get to The Bars In Denton, it’s harder to get to Applebee’s than it is to Fry…

4) People Actually Remember Who You Are on Fry No body likes the bouncer who takes his job way too seriously.

5) Our Bar Food Kicks Your Bar Food’s Ass Tavern Taco Tuesday, enough said.

6) Fry Street is 100% College Students Have you seen the sketchy shit on 6th street?

7) Fry is Home to the First Smoke Shop in Texas “Puffin’ and Passin’ Since 1966”

8) Our Local Gypsy has the Finest Bubbles and Herbs Ok, maybe we’re a little like Austin.

9) Drunken Pizza Has Never Been Easier I may not be able to see straight, but god damn it I’m going to Crooked Crust.

10) Chances Are, You’ll Run Into Your “Fry Friend” “Fry Friend”- Basically your best friend of all time, but you only ever see them at the bars.

11) Because on Fry Street, Every Bar Feels Like Home Awwww


P.S. R.I.P. Leslie