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10 Days Every UNT Student Is Looking Forward To

They can't come soon enough!

1) August 8-9th- Summer Graduation Congrats seniors, have fun paying off those student loans.

2) August 21- Mean Green Fling Free shit, EVERYWHERE

3) August 30th- UNT vs. UT Football Game For just this once, please let UNT kick some ass

4) September 1- Labor Day ”Whew, one week into classes. I definitely need a break!”

5) September 27- IFC Bid Day Gives turning up a new meaning

6) October 31- Halloween I don’t know about you, but this holiday just gets better with time

7) November 8- Homecoming Bonfire, Parade, and Game Day. Nothing beats the Mean Green

8) Novemeber 27- Thanksgiving By this point you’re about to crack, but at least the semester is almost over. Now time to get fat and watch the Cowboys roll to another 8-8 season

9) December (?)- Icepocalypse 2.0 We don’t know when it’s coming, but it’s coming alright

10) December 12-13- December Graduation Finals are over! Time to blackout and forget everything you've learned all semester